Tundra Muskox

Tundra Muskox, Ovibos Moschatus

The extant Tundra muskox is one of the few large mammals in North America that did not go extinct during the terminal Pleistocene. Currently, these animals can be found in Greenland or the islands of the Arctic Archipelago in northern Canada, and they are actively being reintroduced to other regions, such as Alaska. New research has demonstrated that modern muskox populations are much less genetically diverse than those that lived during the last Ice Age, suggesting that these animals suffered similar population losses as other species during the terminal Pleistocene (Campos et al. 2010; MacPhee and Greenwood 2007). 

Ovibos Moschatus

Muskox. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, By Tim Bowman.

Artiodactyla (Hoofed Mammals)
Bovidae (Muskoxen, Bison, Sheep, Goats)

Height: 130 cm (4 ft) at shoulder

Weight: 200-410 kg (440-900 lbs)